This law may enable you to pay off student debts, locate misplaced 401(k) plans, increase your retirement savings, and do a lot more.

Below are the top 5 market updates for gold, retirement, crypto and precious metals for the 24th June 2022. You can read the excerpts and then click through to full article if you wish.

As the Senate continues to work on measures to improve retirement security, retirees may soon find themselves with additional incentives and perks to boost their nest egg.

The Enhancing American Retirement Now Act, or EARN Act, was unanimously endorsed by the Senate Finance Committee at a hearing on Wednesday. Following the publishing of a draught bill and the advancement of the RISE & SHINE Act, another piece of legislation with an emphasis on retirement, the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee called the hearing. Most of these recommendations are in line with the Secure Act 2.0, which was enacted by the House in March.

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Senate committee approves proposed retirement system reforms, paving the way for ‘Secure 2.0’ to perhaps pass this year.

A number of ideas were unanimously adopted by the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday, increasing the likelihood that the whole Congress would enact a retirement-improvement package this year.

The Securing a Strong Retirement Act (H.R. 2954), which was approved by the House in late March on a bipartisan vote of 414-5, had certain measures that are the same as or comparable to those in the Enhancing American Retirement Now Act.

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Tallano gold, perhaps? Major Russian gold influx to Switzerland is shrouded in mystery.

When Moscow invaded Ukraine in February, Swiss refineries stopped purchasing Russian gold, but this month, a sizable cargo of gold from Russia entered the nation, according to officials on Thursday.

The first cargo in three months of gold mined in Russia was brought to Switzerland in May, according to Swiss customs officials, who corroborated a Bloomberg story.

A spokesperson at the customs service said to AFP in an email, “In May 2022, around three tonnes of gold from Russia were imported from Britain to Switzerland, valued at 194 million Swiss francs ($202 million)”.

Switzerland has adopted a number of sanctions on Russia related to the conflict in Ukraine, following the example of the European Union.

But as of now, no clear restrictions have been placed on buying Russian gold.

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Gold: What is the purpose now?

In a remarkable speech, Graham Birch, the former leader of BlackRock’s natural resources investing division, made reference to the bar of gold he had placed next to him as he wrapped up his discussion.

“This has been unaltered the whole time I’ve been talking. That is the reason people purchase gold, he said.

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Tech and crypto are suffering from a severe job market whiplash.

A new York (CNN Business)

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The labour market is still doing well; there are still roughly two available positions for every job seeker. However, a recent flurry of news about high-profile layoffs may be giving “spring 2020” a boost.

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