Gold Rate Today: Precious Metal Witnesses Bounce Back As Dollar Index Softens + More

Below are the top 5 market updates for gold and precious metals for the 21th June 2022. You can read the excerpts and then click through to full article if you wish.

Precious Metals Bounce Back

Today’s Gold Rate: In early morning trading, the precious metal recovered modestly, rising by approximately a quarter percent, or Rs 118, to 50873 per 10 kilos. The price of 22-carat gold increased by Rs 100 to Rs 47,750/10 gms, while the price of 24-carat gold increased by Rs 100 to Rs 52,080/10 gms.
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Gold prices rose on Tuesday as the dollar fell, and investors maintained a close check on major central banks’ interest rate rise posturing for a better picture of the bullion market, according to Reuters. For purchasers holding foreign currencies, a weakening dollar makes greenback-priced gold more appealing.

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Azerbaijan’s precious metals market is reviewed every week.

In comparison to the previous week, the average price of one ounce of gold was 3,124.2175 manat, down 18.6796 manat (0.08 percent).

Last week, the price of an ounce of silver in Azerbaijan rose by 0.3595 manat (0.98%).

In comparison to the previous week, the average price of an ounce of silver was 36.5509 manat, down 0.8799 manat (2.35 percent).

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Launch of the Texas Precious Metal IRA/401k Rollover Retirement Planning Education Website

Toptierbullion is a new online resource that provides evaluations and educational articles on all elements of precious metals investment, including 401k rollovers and Gold IRAs, as well as important industry news.

Visit for more details.

The business hopes that its newly released website will make it easy for both new and seasoned investors in Texas to learn about the advantages of gold and silver for diversifying their retirement portfolios.

The present global economic instability has caused value changes in a variety of assets, including cryptocurrencies, bonds, and stocks. At the same time, precious metals’ intrinsic worth has made them an excellent choice for hedging a portfolio against market inflation and declines. Individuals may use Toptierbullion’s website to understand how to get started investing in gold and silver to secure their retirement savings.

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Google searches for ‘Bitcoin dead’ have reached an all-time high.

The crypto community’s mood is at an all-time low, prompting new conjecture that Bitcoin is a dying asset.

According to Google search statistics, falling Bitcoin (BTC) prices are reigniting fresh anxiety about the leading cryptocurrency’s collapse.

The number of Google searches for “Bitcoin dead” increased dramatically in the week ending June 18, potentially to an all-time high. Google Trends measures the popularity of search phrases over time and assigns a score from 1 to 100 based on the total number of user inquiries. The information has been anonymised, classified, and aggregated by location.

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The Meb Faber Show discusses gold, cryptocurrency, and other topics.

CEO Jan van Eck talks with Meb Faber about NFTs, the future of crypto, the energy revolution, and what we can learn from history about current market patterns and volatility.

History and money are inextricably linked. Many of the issues we are confronted with now have been encountered previously. Jan van Eck, our CEO, recently appeared on the Meb Faber Show to provide historical background for current market issues. The last time investors confronted growing inflation and rising commodity prices, for example, was in the 1970s. In this sort of scenario, Jan emphasises the significance of holding real assets and commodities, and reiterates our belief that we are in the early stages of a new commodity super cycle.

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