A Review Of Regal Assets Precious Metal & Gold IRA Investment

Regal Assets is a company that you might have heard of if you’re interested in investing in cryptos or precious metals, and this Regal Assets review will tell you all you need to know.

The world of economy and finance is wide and offers many different options, so Regal Assets is just one of the various companies you might want to check out if you want to open a retirement account or simply diversify your investment portfolio.

Although there are other options out there, this Regal Assets review focuses on the features that this company offers you. Once you’re done reading, you might notice that it’s unique and that it gives you alternatives that no other business can provide you with.

What Is Regal Assets?

The name Regal Assets has become immensely famous if you’re an investor and know something about a precious metals IRA. There are many companies to invest in gold, but nowadays, Regal Assets is one of the most prominent alternatives. Also check out the Noble Gold company, and Birch Gold Group.

Regal Assets is a famous investment company, and even though it’s mainly recognized for being a good option for gold investment, it might be ideal for any kind of precious metals IRA. Unlike other companies, Regal Assets offers various investment opportunities to vary your portfolio, for example, platinum, palladium, and even cryptocurrencies.

The precious metals investment industry is big and there are different companies you might find when you’re looking for the ideal one to open a gold IRA account. However, Regal Assets is famous for a reason – with its longstanding reputation, convenient alternatives, and different benefits, it’s one of the best companies to work with if you want a precious metals IRA, or if you want to invest in alternative assets, and our Regal Assets review can tell you why.

Why Should You Invest in Precious Metals?

If you’re here, it means you’re already interested in investing in precious metals and interested in a Regal Assets review. However, there are also alternative assets that might catch your attention, so the question stands: why should you choose precious metals and a Regal IRA instead of something else?

The truth is that precious metals have been a convenient investment option for years. Unlike other alternatives, their prices don’t fluctuate much. Therefore, investing in metals like a Regal IRA allows you to put your money in a stable option.

regal assets gold investments

When you’re looking for different alternatives to open retirement accounts, you might examine precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Overall, both alternatives offer pros and cons.

In the case of precious metals, these are immensely convenient because they’re widely known as being valuable and most Regal Assets reviews will tell you this.

Why Do People Invest in Cryptocurrencies?

Regal Assets offers various options to invest in when you’re opening retirement accounts. One of the most famous alternative assets people choose is cryptocurrencies, which became famous a few years ago.

The first cryptocurrency to ever exist was Bitcoin. It originated in 2008 when an anonymous person or group created the domain name bitcoin.org. Initially, no one took it seriously and cryptocurrencies were the joke of many experts. See our comprehensive article on Bitcoin IRA.

You could easily find people making fun of cryptos online, and they were even joked about in sitcoms or literature. However, everything changed in 2013 when the price of Bitcoin went to the skies and everyone was impressed by how much cryptocurrencies were changing the world of economy and finance.

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies are immensely famous too, and many recognized people want to invest in them because they know they can be a powerful addition to your portfolio. Regal Assets offers the opportunity to invest in various cryptos, and unlike other gold IRA companies, or precious metals company options out there, you can take advantage of this and diversify your investment journey.

Investing in a crypto IRA means you might get many benefits. In the case of crypto, the coins’ prices are very volatile, so predicting what will happen in the market is virtually impossible.

Nonetheless, this also means that things can change for the better and that your life can be completely turned around by this decision.

Both precious metals and cryptocurrencies are convenient investment options. You have to choose the one that fits your needs and goals, so in the end, it’s up to you. A popular company for crypto investment is BitIRA.

The Founder of Regal Assets

You’re considering investing in precious metals and you’re reading a Regal Assets review, so you should know more about the company’s founder and its history.

Tyler Gallagher is the founder of Regal Assets, and according to his LinkedIn profile, he started the company in January 2009. Ever since he founded the company, he has remained as the Chief Executive Officer.

The famous Gallagher has managed to grow the company immensely, and it now has offices in Toronto, London, Beverly Hills, and Dubai.

Many young entrepreneurs look up to Tyler Gallagher because he managed to build Regal Assets with pure dedication, perseverance, and hard work. Even though it’s now a famous business where you can invest in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies, when it started, that wasn’t the case.

According to Tyler Gallagher himself, he arrived in Los Angeles without having a single penny. He often slept in his car because he couldn’t afford a residence of his own. Slowly, he started coming up with the idea of Regal Assets, and with hard, tireless work, he managed to build the company you know today.

Tyler Gallagher is now recognized as one of the leaders when it comes to investing in precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Various international media outlets have shared his opinions and thoughts, including Huffington’s Thrive Global, RT, and Forbes magazine.

Who Is Regal Assets Good for?

Regal Assets sounds like the ideal company for everyone. however, if you don’t know much about opening a retirement account, you should understand what working with this company entails. At the end of the day, there are many more alternatives, and you should always choose what’s best for you.

Firstly, according to this Regal Assets review, the company is ideal if you want to protect your assets against economic hardship. In other words, if you’re interested in precious metals because you want to keep your assets safe, then this gold IRA company might be a perfect alternative for you.

If you want to have physical investments, then Regal Assets might also be an ideal company to work with. You have various options to choose from, for example, gold and silver.

Lastly (and for many people, most importantly), Regal Assets is the ideal company if you want to open a retirement account. You can get a gold IRA with this business, and it offers a number of benefits that other alternatives can’t give you.

Overall, precious metals have been around for centuries. Although Regal Assets has only existed since 2009, it’s immensely successful and it will stay around for a lot longer. Therefore, it’s one of the best options to open a retirement account, invest in precious metals, or simply secure your assets for the following years. You can read more on the Regal Assets website.

Prices and Fees

Evaluating a company’s prices and fees is one of the most important aspects of reviewing it. When you’re choosing a business to work with, you must make sure that its fees and prices are convenient.

Unfortunately, Regal Assets does not list all of its prices online. Thus, if you want the full information on Regal Assets fees, you have to call customer service. The lack of showing all Regal Assets fees is something that other Regal Assets reviews mention, too.

Nonetheless, you’re reading this Regal Assets review to find out more about the company, and you won’t be disappointed. As of 2022, the company’s pricing structure is like this:

·       Annual segregated storage fee (waived for the first year) – $150

·       Minimum investment or purchase amount – $10,000

·       Initial setup fee – nothing

·       Storage and maintenance fees in non-IRA accounts – nothing

·       Annual administration fee (waived for the first year) – $100

Regal Assets charges an annual fee, which hovers around the standard for the market. At the same time, it doesn’t charge anything for the initial setup, so that’s a huge advantage.

Pros and Cons

This is one of the essential sections of this Regal Assets review since you need to evaluate both advantages and disadvantages if you’re investing in precious metals with this company.

Purchasing precious metals is a serious matter, especially if you’re opening a self-directed IRA. Therefore, take a look at the following advantages and disadvantages of working with Regal Assets:

  • The brand exists since more than 10 years ago
  • Low minimum investment
  • You don’t have to pay additional fees when selling back
  • It was the first company to allow clients to hold precious metals and cryptos in the same retirement account
  • You can choose from different pre-selected investment packages
  • A Regal Assets expert can help you if you need to rollover an existing IRA
  • It doesn’t have a wide selection of coins – other companies might have a larger one
  • The BBB hasn’t rated the company
  • You can’t find much information about the management team online

Most Popular Products and Precious Metals

When you’re interested in a gold IRA or other types of investment accounts, you must examine a company’s most popular products. In the case of Regal Assets, you get various precious metals to invest in along with a few cryptocurrencies. The following are the alternatives you have available:


Investing in gold is probably the most famous option for people interested in precious metals. Regardless of whether you’re also curious about the stock market, want to roll over an existing IRA, or simply want to invest in precious metals, gold is always a convenient option.

Fortunately, Regal Assets has no less than 16 gold products to invest in. Here are some options you could get:

·       Gold South African Krugerran

·       Gold Chinese Panda

·       Gold American Buffalo

·       Gold American Eagle

·       Gold Britannia

·       Gold Austrian Philharmonic


Silver, platinum, and palladium are three other famous options that people often go for. In the case of silver, this precious metal company offers eight investment products, which include the following:

·       Silver Britannia

·       Silver Austrian Philharmonic

·       Silver Australian Koala

·       Silver American Eagle

·       Silver Canadian Maple Leaf


Even though Regal Assets offers various gold and silver products, it only offers three platinum ones. Thus, you don’t get many options. Here are the coins you can buy:

·       Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf

·       Platinum American Eagle

·       Platinum Australian Koala


Unfortunately, not all precious metals are easy to come by. However, working with Regal Assets means you get numerous options, and investing in palladium is one of them. The bullion and coins that this company offers include the following products:

·       Palladium Bar (one oz.)

·       Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf

·       Palladium Bar (10 oz.)


One of the many reasons why Regal Assets is so famous is that it was the first company to allow its clients to hold cryptocurrencies and precious metals in the same account. Therefore, this business pioneered in this and opened a door with many opportunities for investors.

Initially, you could only invest in Ethereum and Bitcoin if you worked with Regal Assets. Nowadays, you have 21 different coins to choose from, which include the next options:

·       Litecoin

·       Dodgecoin

·       Cardano

·       ChainLink

·       Ripple

·       ZCash

·       Stellar

Regal Assets and Getting a Precious Metals IRA

One of the unique options that Regal Assets offers you is to invest in a Regal IRA, which is something you can’t do anywhere else. At the same time, the whole investment experience is quick because the company streamlines it, so it’s primarily a no-touch process.

Firstly, you can request a free kit, like a free gold IRA guide. Once you do that and examine all your alternatives, a Regal Assets representative gets in touch with you via email or phone, and they walk you through everything you should know when opening a gold IRA or investing in precious metals or cryptos.

If you’re ready to open your Regal IRA or your gold IRA, the Regal Assets Representative will tell you what you should do to get started.

All Regal Assets accounts allow you to invest in precious metals or alternative assets, so you can, for example, invest in the stock market. Nonetheless, the customer service representative might focus on precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Regal Assets complies with IRS regulations, so this precious metals company stores its products in a third-party vault. Consequently, if you have an account with Regal Assets, you can’t hold your products at home.

To fund a gold IRA with Regal Assets, you can roll over an existing IRA or directly transfer funds from a bank. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about the details of the process and the paperwork because the Regal Assets customer service representatives can facilitate the process and explain what you need to know.

Investment Package Options with Regal Assets

Another essential advantage of investing in precious metals with Regal Assets is that you have various investment package alternatives. Eventually, you might notice that working with this gold IRA company might be much more convenient than putting your money in the stock market without getting any help.

Regal Assets focuses on precious metals and cryptos, but its customer service team is ready to help you with anything you need. This precious metal company has gained its fame because of its fantastic alternatives and there is no shortage of options when it comes to its investment package alternatives. Here is what you can get:

Merchant Package

You get to invest $5,000 in gold and silver, which grants you access to quick funds in case you have an emergency.


Unlike the previous option, here, you get to invest $10,000 in silver and gold. This covers up to three months of expenses for a four-member family.

Legacy Portfolio

Clients who are beginning to invest in alternative assets often go for this option. It allows you to invest $25,000 in various precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Kingship Portfolio

This package lets you invest $50,000 in precious metal and cryptos, but it has something extra: you can work with a Regal Assets representative and build a portfolio based on your investment goals.

Dynasty Portfolio

People looking for a table option that gives them peace during their retirement years often go for this alternative. The Dynasty package lets you invest $100,000 in cryptos and precious metals, but you can also work with a customer service representative to tailor it to your needs.

Coronation Portfolio

The last package that Regal Assets offers you is the Coronation, which lets you invest $250,000 in cryptos and precious metals. This alternative is often for high net-worth investors who are looking to invest in specific assets. With this option, you can also customize the holdings in your portfolio with the help of a Regal Assets team member.

Storing Your Precious Metals

As it was mentioned before, Regal Assets complies with IRS regulations, so it works with a third-party provider to give you the best options to store your assets.

Working with Regal Assets means you get to store your precious metals in various vaults across North America and Singapore. All facilities are immensely secure, so you never need to worry about the safety of your investment.

When you buy precious metals for personal investment, you get to choose where you store them. Some people secure them in a bank or a vault, while others keep them at home. However, you might see how those options can be risky.

Even if you store your assets in a bank, there’s always the possibility of having various issues. On the contrary, Regal Assets gives you an alternative solution: you can store everything in vaults located in different places, all while knowing that your investment will be completely secure.

If you invest with Regal Assets, you can also feel safe because your assets are insured. In other words, even if someone steals something, it doesn’t mean you lose the money you invested.

Since Regal Assets works with segregated storage, your assets can never get mixed up with those of others, and you’re always able to view your holdings. You remain the sole owner of your assets, which is also immensely convenient.

Lastly, although it sounds nearly impossible to believe, investing in precious metals with Regal Assets is much less expensive than putting your money in other companies. While other storage options charge you a percentage of what you’re holding, you only have to pay a flat fee every year with Regal Assets.

Why Do People Choose Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is one of the most famous companies you can work with if you want to open a gold IRA, a Regal Assets IRA, or other types of precious metals IRAs. Many people recommend Regal Assets because of many reasons, including its outstanding safety measures, non-expensive fees, and wonderful customer service.

One of the primary reasons why people choose Regal Assets is that once you’re interested in opening an account, the customer service team automatically contacts you and offers you all the information you need to know before getting started. In other words, you’re not going in there blind – even if you’re a beginner, you can get professional help without paying anything.

Many people also say that Regal Assets is much less pushy compared to its competitors. While other companies want to manipulate you into investing in different options, the customer service team in Regal Assets is not like this. On the contrary, they emphasize that the decision is up to you.

Regal Assets also guarantees that the products you buy from the company are high-quality alternatives. At the same time, they comply with IRS conditions, so you never need to worry about the safety of what you’re buying.

There is complete transparency in commission charges and fees. Therefore, there are no shady transactions when it comes to Regal Assets – you always know what you’re paying for and why you should pay it.

Is it a Good Company for a Gold IRA?

Regal Assets is definitely one of the best companies for a gold IRA. If you’re thinking about working for your retirement and making sure that you experience peace and relaxation in the last years of your life, this company is certainly a top option to work with.

On some occasions, you might think that other companies are more convenient simply because they offer options that Regal Assets does not. However, you should weigh all alternatives and remember that Regal Assets gives you unique advantages, for example, the opportunity of safely storing your products without ever needing to worry about their security.

If you want to guarantee that your assets are safe, Regal Assets is the ideal option for you. Moreover, it’s also a fantastic alternative if you want to open a gold IRA but don’t know how to get started because its customer service representatives can guide you through the process and teach you what you should know before putting money into this account.

10 Reasons Why Regal Assets Is Unique

This Regal Assets review offered important information about the company. Now, it’s time for you to know 10 more reasons why it’s unique and different from all other options out there. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

You Get a Free Gold IRA Guide

Regal Assets is the ideal company for beginners because you can get a free gold IRA kit if you don’t know how to start.

The free gold IRA kit includes basic information on this account type. After you get it, a customer service representative can contact you and clarify any questions you have.

Secure Storage

You never need to worry about the safety of your products if you invest with Regal Assets. On the contrary, you can sit back and relax while knowing that your investment is safe.

While some companies offer secure storage, not all of them give you the advantages that Regal Assets offers. In this case, the vaults are located in specific parts of the world, and your products are never mixed with other people’s. Thus, it’s one of the best alternatives you can choose.

Free Kit for a Crypto IRA

Asides from getting a free gold IRA kit, you can also get one for cryptocurrencies. It tells you the essential information you should keep in mind if you’re investing in crypto, and it includes everything that a beginner should know before they start.

401(k) to IRA Rollovers

One of the best unique advantages you get with Regal Assets is that rollovers are immensely easy.

With Regal Assets, you don’t even need to contact the custodian. The company does that on your behalf. You only have to decide how much you want to invest and how you want to invest it, and the Regal Assets team handles everything else.

You Get a Regal Wallet

Being able to invest in cryptocurrencies is probably one of the best aspects of working with Regal Assets. However, to put some money in crypto, you need a wallet.

With Regal Assets, you don’t need to get a wallet on your own. Instead, the company provides it for you, which is much more convenient because you know that your cryptos are safe.

Is Regal Assets a Scam?

Definitely not. Regal Assets is a legit company that started in 2009 and its founder is Tyler Gallagher, who remains as its CEO. He has made the company grow, and it now has offices in Toronto, Beverly Hills, and even Dubai, even though it started in California only.

Tyler Gallagher worked a lot to make sure that Regal Assets became what it is today. At the same time, this company has more than 1,600 reviews, and they’re all immensely good. Most clients are happy with the company’s customer service, alternatives, and benefits, so this business is not a scam.

Investing in precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and other types of alternative assets can be a challenging process, especially if you’re a beginner or if you want to open a retirement account. On many occasions, you might feel distrustful about the company you’re working with, particularly when you don’t know anything about it.

However, you don’t need to worry if you work with Regal Assets because it’s a trusted company that has been around for years now. It has existed since more than a decade ago, and it has thousands of positive reviews that prove that it’s a fantastic option to work with.

Unlike other options, Regal Assets guarantees that you’re always aware of what you’re investing in, and the team behind the brand helps you through your choices if you have to decide something that might affect your future. You’re always able to contact customer support and ask specific questions, and if you want to ask for advice, you can also do that.

Regal Assets recommends many convenient options, for example, the team might tell you to invest in precious metals instead of cryptocurrencies if you’re nearing retirement age and you want something stable for your future. On the contrary, if you’re younger, the customer service representatives might tell you that cryptos can be a useful alternative for you.

Although there are many precious metal companies out there, Regal Assets is indeed immensely famous because of its fantastic customer service, unique alternatives, and convenient account features. Therefore, if you’re thinking about investing in your future, this might be the right company to work with.


This Regal Assets review included all the primary factors you should know about the company. By now, you surely understand that it has been around for more than a decade and that its founder is Tyler Gallagher, who started with nothing in his pocket and grew his business to become what it is today.

Regal Assets has thousands of reviews, and it’s famous because it offers fantastic customer service. If you want to open an account, its representatives guide you through the process, offer you advice and all the information you should know before getting started.

At the same time, the fees that you must pay if you work with Regal Assets are much less expensive compared to other options. This company does not charge a percentage of what you’re holding in the vault. Instead, you only need to pay an annual flat fee, and it’s affordable.

Overall, Regal Assets is a fantastic company to work with, and you should definitely consider it as a strong option for your retirement account or to diversify your investment portfolio.

You can see our best gold IRA company guide here, and also our comprehensive review of Bullion Exchanges.

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