Ever Wondered What Is A Gold IRA?

Investing in precious metals has become one of the safest investment options for some people. The best thing about an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is that you can hedge against inflation, which is something that most people are looking for.

Today, we’re going to talk about opening a Gold IRA account, which has become one of the most popular options out there. Still, some people don’t like Gold IRAs since they don’t provide any earnings while they are in custody, which defeats the purpose of getting tax benefits on the IRA.

The best way to learn more about your specific case would be to talk to a financial advisor, but here, we’re going to tell you the basics of everything you need to know about using Gold IRAs to save for retirement through physical gold, gold bullion, and other precious metals. You may also be interested in what is a bitcoin IRA.

Hold Gold In Your IRA

What Is a Gold IRA?

As the name implies, a Gold IRA account allows people to purchase physical gold or any other precious metal. Regular IRAs don’t allow investors to purchase precious metals, which is why this alternative exists.

It’s vital to note that gold (as an asset) is one of the only assets/commodities that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows people to invest in. Moreover, gold and other precious metals tend to hold a stable price throughout the years, making them a great option for those who don’t want to worry about sudden price changes.

Overall, a precious metals IRA account works the same as an individual retirement account. While you hold paper assets in a traditional IRA, you can hold tangible gold with a Gold IRA account. The name of the account stays as “Gold IRA,” but these allow you to work with four precious metals: Gold, palladium, platinum, or silver.

Even if you don’t want physical gold investments, you can also get your Gold IRA to hold stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. See our Regal Assets review for information on a great gold company to get started with, Alternatively check out Goldco for your IRA rollover, or American Bullion.

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Types of Gold IRAs

There are currently three types of Gold IRAs, and you may choose the one that best fits your investment needs:

Traditional Gold IRA: A traditional IRA is funded with pre-tax dollars. Overall, this means that any withdrawals you make are going to get taxed once you retire. On the other hand, your contributions will grow tax-deferred.

Roth Gold IRA: Here, you pay for taxes when you start taking distributions when you retire since Roth IRAs are funded with after-tax dollars.

SEP Gold IRA: SEP IRAs are a bit different. Here, these benefits are available for self-employed people or small businesses, and people may get taxed once they make withdrawals upon retirement. According to the IRS, people can set up to 25% of compensation or $61,000, according to statistics for 2022.

Why Would Someone Invest in a Gold IRA Account?

Keep in mind that investing in precious metals through a Gold IRA comes down to personal choice. If you feel the advantages of doing so are appropriate for you, then you can go ahead. Still, if you haven’t heard of the benefits of getting a Gold IRA, you may be wondering what makes it so special.

Below is a list of things you should consider before opening Gold IRA accounts:


As mentioned before, Gold IRAs are an excellent hedge against inflation. Most financial experts are claiming that inflation is going to become a much worse problem over the next decade, which is causing more investors to seek alternatives for their retirement accounts.

Fiat currencies, such as the Euro, Yen, or US dollar have a tendency to vary in value, depending on what’s happening around the world. However, as the price for those currencies decreases, the price for physical gold and precious metals, in general, is increasing exponentially.

Gold has been used for thousands of years, making it a highly valuable asset for investors. If other currencies lose value, the value for other physical precious metals is likely to increase, protecting your retirement account assets in the long run.

There’s More Demand for Gold

Overall, physical gold is used for many things in the world, such as electronics. Considering how demanded gold is currently, it’s logical to get some of it for retirement accounts. According to several financial planning experts, gold’s demand rate is likely to increase a lot over the following years.

Currently, the supply of gold worldwide can meet the demand requirements. However, considering the increasing rate of demand, it’s possible that the supply won’t be able to meet the demands at one point in the future.

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio through precious metals, a Gold IRA can be an excellent choice to consider since it’s an international asset that’s sold everywhere. Other gold investing alternatives include gold exchange traded funds.

There are Dozens of Different Companies to Get Your Gold IRA

Whether you get a traditional Gold IRA or a Roth Gold IRA, there are a lot of companies you can currently go for to start your investment journey. Some of these companies have been around for decades, and thanks to the internet, they have made it possible for users to invest from the comfort of their home, whether it’s a regular precious metal or ETFs from gold mining companies.

It should go without saying, but investing in gold coins or silver coins isn’t necessarily affordable. Traditional Gold IRAs offer several options for those who want to start small or big, but you must talk with an approved financial expert to get the assessment you need. Check out review of Birch Gold.

How Does Opening a Gold IRA Work?

Overall, whether you open a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, you must look for an appropriate custodian; this is because traditional brokerage companies don’t offer Gold IRAs to users. Instead, finding a Gold IRA provider is the best alternative to get since they can help you manage tax reports, paperwork, and any other things you must keep in check for your retirement portfolio.

On the other hand, remember the IRS doesn’t allow people to personally store precious metals that come from Gold IRAs since that would count as a withdrawal. In those cases, hiring a Gold IRA provider can help you store your Gold bars in a well-guarded place without any problems.

When you’re finished opening your traditional IRAs, you can start funding the account. Overall, you can either deposit cash according to the IRS annual contribution limits or roll over your current retirement account to the self-directed IRA.

Do You Need a Gold IRA to Invest in Gold Bullion?

Not at all. Some people believe you need to open a self-directed Gold IRA to invest in physical bullion, and while doing that can help you get those assets for your retirement portfolio, it’s not necessary if you just want to make a regular investment for your IRA.

Overall, you can use your traditional IRA to invest in gold stocks, gold mutual funds, or gold ETFs, as mentioned before. These are considered safer investment options, and you don’t need to go through the process of changing your investment account to another. However, keep in mind that if you want to legally hold physical gold, you must open a Gold IRA.

What Can You Do to Find the Right Gold IRA Custodian for You?

As mentioned before, you must open a self-directed IRA before making any contributions of gold or precious metals. Moreover, you need to work with a broker and custodian to administer your account.

A custodian can involve several entities, including banks, credit unions, brokerage companies, loan associations, or even trust companies. As long as these organizations are authorized by the IRS, you’re not going to have any problems investing your money with them.

It’s vital to note that the custodian for your retirement savings is not the same as the broker or dealer. Most companies are going to ask you to find a dealer yourself, although others may have a list of approved dealers you can work with. Still, there are several options on the internet you can consider to start working with your retirement portfolio.

Choosing a Good Company for Your New Gold IRA

Choosing the right company to work with actual gold may be a bit difficult to do at first. You may consider the following list of general guidelines a good company should have for you to open an account with it:

Track Record: Logically, you must work with a company that has a strong track record or reputation. Some of the best websites you can consider to look for these reviews include the Business Consumer Alliance or the Better Business Bureau. These approved websites tell you everything from the company details to user reviews and complaints regarding the service.

The fact that you can take a look at customer complaints makes it much easier for people to come to a decision regarding whether they should open an account on a particular website or not.

Asset Flexibility: As with any other asset, if you’re going to purchase gold bullion bars or any other collectible coins, such as the American Eagle coins, you must go for a company that has a wide range of offerings. Some companies prefer to work with a particular precious metal type, which is valid. However, if you want to be as flexible as possible with your portfolio and retirement planning, it’s best to look for companies that can work according to your needs.

Transparency with Fees: It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that some companies that help you work with your retirement savings often charge hidden fees once you make your investment. This can be extremely unpleasant for the user, so make sure to look for companies that are transparent with all the upfront costs they’re planning on charging you. Review sites are excellent to take a look at that kind of information.

Proper Licensing: Finally, look for a company that can provide you with proof of licensing, insurance, registrations, and any other things that can tell you it’s legit. If you’re going to store your actual bullion with a company (you can’t store your gold at home), you must confirm that it has documentation that allows it to hold gold or other approved precious metals in an IRS-approved depository.

What Are Some Fees You Can Expect When Purchasing Precious Metals?

Overall, the fees you pay for a Gold IRA and your contributions mostly depend on who you’re working with. Some of the most common fees you can expect to pay include the following:

Seller Fees: Depending on what type of precious metals you get, you may have to pay different markups or fees for each one. If you’re purchasing gold, for example, you can pay different fees depending on the type of gold you’re getting.

Storage Fees: Logically, you must pay your custodian to store your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in their IRS-approved vaults. Most companies charge annual fees, so you can check for those before making your own investment.

Custodian Fees: Each custodian charges particular fees for their services, so make sure to ask for those before opening up your individual retirement accounts.

Account Setup: If you don’t have your regular IRA for Gold set up yet, you must pay a one-time fee to the company or institution to set up everything. Keep in mind that not every institution works with Gold IRAs, so you must make sure you look for one that does it and that is reputable.

Cash Outs: You may want to eventually re-sell your gold to another dealer. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to lose money, you must consider gold’s current market value since buyers tend to want to buy the gold at a lower price than the market rate.

Bottom Line

Purchasing precious metals through a Gold IRA has recently become a popular investment alternative due to the safety it represents to your retirement funds. However, it’s vital to note that holding gold represents the same risks as holding paper assets.

If you want to know more about these accounts and how they differ from a regular IRA, we suggest you talk to financial advisors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Gold IRAs?

Aside from diversifying your portfolio, you’re going to be able to keep the tax benefits you’ve been getting with your traditional IRA.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Gold Ira?

It depends on the Gold IRA company you’re working with. Overall, some companies allow you to start with as little as $100 plus administrative and storage fees.

Can You Hold Physical Gold In Your IRA?

You can’t hold physical gold in a regular IRA but can do it through a Gold IRA. Still, remember you’re not going to be able to hold the gold yourself. Instead, you must get it stored in an approved facility by the IRS.

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