Is Gold Heavier Than Silver?

Gold and silver have long been considered value metals due to its corrosion resistance and scarcity. If you are wondering ‘what is heavier, gold or silver?’, you are going to love this article.

There are some differences between gold and silver, even though they share many similarities, including their weight. Gold is heavier than silver by cubic centimeter because it has a high density compared to its counterpart precious metal.

This piece discusses if gold is heavier than silver and highlights the factors that affect the single gold atom.

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Is Gold Heavier Than Silver?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Gold is, in fact, heavier than silver, and the truth is that gold is almost twice the density.

Both are made up of only one type of atom, meaning both gold and silver are elements of the periodic table. However, a silver atom is more petite than gold atoms, and the contribution to gold’s greater weight is due to it being remarkably dense.

In order to illustrate the weight difference between gold and silver, think about a small gold cube that weighs one ounce. This would be about the same size or the size of a small silver bar that weights a single ounce.

A United States penny, for example, is made mainly of heavier copper. However, it also has a small amount of nickel and zinc. Since gold is heavier than these other metals, a gold penny would weigh more and be thicker than a regular copper penny of the same size.

The value of both metals is affected by the difference in properties. The price of gold is currently around $1,900 per ounce, while the price of silver is closer to $25,00.’

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silver and gold weight differences

The Density of Gold Vs Sterling Silver Objects

Density measures how much mass is packed into a given volume; the mass per unit volume, the higher the viscosity.

Silver has a density of 0.30 per cubic inch and holds a thickness of 0.68 ounces per cubic inch.

In order to show the density difference between gold and silver, consider a bar that is one inch on each side. It would take roughly one cubic inch of silver to fill the cube, while it would take nearly two cubic inches of heavy metal to serve the same space.

How Heavy Is Gold Compared to Other Precious Metals?

Gold is deceptively heavier than other metals besides platinum rings, and its apparent density means it often is above the heaviest metal when different materials are weighed against it. In order to give you a sense of how rich gold is compared to other denser materials, here is a weight chart of different metals; its crucial to keep in mind that the density of gold is 19.3:

Here is a list of densities for other heavy metals:

  • Tungsten – 19.1
  • Electrum – 8.4
  • Mercury – 13.6
  • Magnesium – 1.8
  • Zinc – 7.1
  • Tin – 7.3
  • Copper – 8.9
  • Nickel – 8.8
  • Aluminum – 2.7
  • Iron – 7.9

Gold Vs Steel Weight

Steel is another metal that is often compared to gold, and rightfully so. Both metals are ideal for different purposes and have unique properties. One of the most prominent differences between gold and an iron atom is the weight. Gold is significantly heavier than sterling silver or steel, and this difference in weight can be witnessed when comparing the density of form denser materials.

We already stated that the density of gold is around o.68 ounces per cubic inch, while steel thickness is approximately 0.25 ounces per cubic inch.

It is essential to notice the difference in weight of each material to understand how each one can be used. An example is that gold is much heavier than steel, so it is less likely to be blown away in the wind. This makes gold a better selection for jewelry that may be worn outdoors, such as necklaces or wedding rings.

In contrast, steel is a more suitable choice for tools or other objects that need to be durable and robust. It’s good to note that the difference in weight also means that gold is more expensive than steel.

The cost of steel is only about $0.40 per pound, while the market price of gold is about $1,930 per ounce. This price variation reflects that it takes more gold to create a given weight than steel.

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A Gold Atom Weighs Different to Lead

Next up is lead. Lead, and gold is two very different elements, and a gold atom and lead atom have different melting points, colors, and densities. It’s sometimes to easy to mistake brass from gold. Gold is a very dense metal, weighing 0.68 ounces, and lead is thicker, weighing 0.48 ounces per cubic inch. That means that a particular amount of gold will weigh almost double an equal lead volume.

Lead is quite hard with a hardness of 3.5 on the Mohs scale, while gold is a soft metal with a hardness of just 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

Gold has a melting point of 1800 Fahrenheit, and lead has a much lower melting point of 620 Fahrenheit. This means that lead can be melted at a much lower heat than gold, making it simpler to work with.

Final Words

In order to ask the question, “Is gold heavier than silver?” you need to look a little deeper. Smaller gold objects can be significantly more valuable than other precious metals. Now that you know the mass density of all the metals, it’s time to explore different materials.

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